About Leo Medica Europe

Leo Medica Europe

We've got you covered

Leo Medica Europe has been operating since 2018, concentrating on supporting healthcare workers throughout the industry with distributing superior quality at competitive prices. Working strictly with manufacturers which have a reputation for excellence, as we value the importance of safety for our customers.

Leo Medica collaborates with diverse independent and upcoming manufactures in countries such as India, assisting them to establish Quality Management Systems that comply with EU regulations. We can support sourcing the appropriate materials, enhancing the production process, and developing mass-production of high-end goods at a low price which complies with EU rules and regulations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to further equip medical professionals in Europe, allowing them to do their jobs safely. We want to support other manufacturers to achieve the same industry-recognised standards which will create a network of businesses to cooperate in producing the high standards we expect. By expanding our operations across the continent, we aim to be the most dependable SME in this industry.

Our Mission

Delivering quality products that protect medical professionals where it is needed most. Never stopping to find new and innovative ways to help you do your job better and more securely.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing medical supplies at an affordable price and maintaining the same reliable standard always tested by industry-leading inspection bodies which are governed by the European Union.